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Unlock the power of SAP

with UX that users love




User Adoption




Data Accuracy

Keep your SAP Users smiling

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Ezy UX for SAP with Low-Code

Ezy-UX enables seamless real-time SAP updates through a user-friendly app interface designed to cater to all devices

Out-of-Box SAP Integration

Experience swift business benefits with our pre-packaged native SAP integration, designed for rapid deployment

Powered by Change-Ezy Low-Code Platform

Powered by Ezy-Integration


Unlock SAP UX with Low-Code

and a lot more is made Ezy !

Offline Mobile APP

Seamless updates to any data in SAP with an offline mobile app, that is streamlined for your business users even without connectivity

Bulk Updates

Goodbye to bulk downloads and bulk uploads in SAP. Enjoy a familiar spreadsheet UX, to update SAP in real-time. Thanks to integrated spreadsheet for real-time validations to enhance data accuracy


Enhance collaboration with embedded chat, boosting productivity and streamlining business operations. Implement AI powered bots for super-charged productivity gains


Empower your business with an embedded map view in SAP and your app, offering location context to run operations seamlessly on maps

Run SAP ?

Native Integration with

Leader in Enterprise ERP

Seamlessly integrate SAP Business Suite with Saartha's pre-packaged solution. As SAP Development partner, we ensure conflict-free source code and adherence to industry best practices, drawing on decades of deep SAP expertise for smooth integration

Unlock SAP Investments

Simplify SAP UserExperience with our Integrations


Securely organize apps by role for user convenience and enterprise securely

Single Sign-On

RBAC Control


Why customers prefer Saartha

as their favourite Field Service Management platform


Transitioning from disorderly spreadsheets, we sought a real-time planner board to streamline workbank management amid the Excel-SAP shuffle. Saartha's Ezy-Planner drastically reduced planner workload, prompting us to extend it to all supervisors. Its user-friendly design stands out and is actively embraced by end users. Saartha has consistently demonstrated exceptional support and responsiveness in addressing our service requests

Lexie Pimpinella

Operations Lead Planner

Utilita Water Solutions, a Ventia - Downer JV

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Seamless Integration to End-to-End Field Service Management capabilities

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