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Smartify any machine, boost efficiency affordably!

Unleash the Power of IIoT for Peak Efficiency and Smart Industrial Excellence!






Decisions by Data


Health & Safety

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Enhance Asset Maintenance for Seamless Service Delivery

Ezy-Sense Transforms Machines into Smart Assets with IIoT without breaking your bank

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Unleash the Power of IIoT Excellence!

Continuous monitoring

Proactively monitor performance and operating conditions, swiftly address root causes, minimizing disruptions for seamless service

Alerts for outliers

Instant alerts and automatic fault notifications. Under extreme conditions, it efficiently assigns the nearest technician for a rapid resolution

Condition Monitoring

Automate capturing Asset condition data with real-time IIoT sensors for reliable decision-making and precise asset life predictions

& Safety

Boost Health & Safety in tunnels and underbridges with IIoT, capturing condition data to minimize workforce risks

Seamlessly integrates IIoT with our End-to-End Field Service Management for swift identification to remediation of asset degradation

Run SAP ?



Ezy-Sense integrates with SAP Enterprise Asset Management out-of-box with S/4 and ECC environments seamlessly

Why customers prefer Saartha

as their favourite Field Service Management platform


Transitioning from disorderly spreadsheets, we sought a real-time planner board to streamline workbank management amid the Excel-SAP shuffle. Saartha's Ezy-Planner drastically reduced planner workload, prompting us to extend it to all supervisors. Its user-friendly design stands out and is actively embraced by end users. Saartha has consistently demonstrated exceptional support and responsiveness in addressing our service requests

Lexie Pimpinella

Operations Lead Planner

Utilita Water Solutions, a Ventia - Downer JV

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Seamless Integration to End-to-End Field Service Management capabilities

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