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Powered by Machine Learning

Amplify positive Trends,

Defy negative Trends

Illuminate Insights:

Your Analytics

Your Advantage




Effective Service Delivery


SLA Compliance

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An integrated analytics hub generating dashboards and insights for:

Comprehensive field service management

Low-code platform-driven app development

Digital forms


Auto-Generated Insigits

Machine-powered insights, instantly at your fingertips

Revolutionise your analytics experience with Ezy-Analytics! Powered by machine learning, eliminate the need for expensive data analysts and delays in insights. Ezy-Analytics effortlessly auto-generates insightful dashboards and reports, ready when you need them

The pinnacle of simplicity in self-service analytics for business users

Client Portal

Earn Trust, Unveil Insights: 

Real-time Analytics for Client Confidence

Showcase Operational Brilliance

Offer clients a portal for their peace of mind—visibility with Dashboards and Reports shared in real-time.

Select, Showcase, Conquer!

Empowerment in Your Hands

Analytics Unleashed

A Must-Have for Every Business User!


Auto-Generated Dashboards by Machine Learning

Empower Business

Self-Create Dashboards

Operational Reports

Fuelling Precision in Every Insight

Limitless Customization

Multiple Charts, Diverse Colours

Why customers prefer Saartha

as their favourite Field Service Management platform


Transitioning from disorderly spreadsheets, we sought a real-time planner board to streamline workbank management amid the Excel-SAP shuffle. Saartha's Ezy-Planner drastically reduced planner workload, prompting us to extend it to all supervisors. Its user-friendly design stands out and is actively embraced by end users. Saartha has consistently demonstrated exceptional support and responsiveness in addressing our service requests

Lexie Pimpinella

Operations Lead Planner

Utilita Water Solutions, a Ventia - Downer JV

Run SAP ?



Analyze SAP data with pre-packaged data extracts from SAP

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